Alright you two love birds…

She’s back, folks!  I love this one. She surprised us all with this gem yesterday. Painted in about an hour. Credit to Pinterest for the idea.

DSC_0833 (002)



  • Window: $12 from South Haven resale shop
  • Paint: Existing
  • Labor: of Love
  • Results: Patriotism!

It’s Official! She’s a trained artist!

Ok, maybe not “official”. But Jen finally took a class to get some formal training. Over the Fall semester, Jen took a community continuing education class through Wayne Westland’s program and got serious about her painting. Check out this beauty! —

2014-11-11 22.00.39

Crummy iPhone picture, I know. Sorry. But I’m not crazy here, right?  This thing is awesome!  Great work Pretty Painter!  Keep learning and amazing us with your skills!


Yellow Bellied Tree!

Love the color mixture on this one. I’m a huge fan of yellow and I love the background.

yellogreentree byJen

Shadow of Doubt

No doubt this one turned out great. I love the shadowed ones, honey!

RedShadowtree byJen

Ole’ Red, White and Blue

Can’t go wrong with this patriotic piece of artistic beauty!  This reminds me of Michaelango’s famous Creation of Adam painted on the Sistine Chapel.  Anyone else see it?

blue red flower byJen

Regardless, we think this is lovely.  So lovely, that it’s now framed and hanging on the wall in our bedroom. In the same place the Love Birds used to be. 🙂

Swinging in the rain

Pretty Painter’s latest work is a beautiful silliohette piece that I think turned out great


Two For One

Pretty was painting last night and produced these two gems –


I’m green with envy on this one. Wish I could paint like this.

And then the wind blew…


I’m thinking it was the live music playing in the background while she painted, that inspired these masterpieces.

Great job, honey.

Row row row your boat

Love this one. From the black moon to the reflections on the water, an instant classic!


Not finished yet…


I love this one.  Reminds me of the street in Bedford Falls that George Bailey runs down shouting, “Merry Christmas, everyone!” at the end of It’s a Wonderful Life.winter trees